Towards Wholeness

What if each one of us was created to be a unique, integrated person – with our heart, soul, mind and strength working together to help us to do the things we were created to do and be the person we were made to be?

What if each one of us experienced brokenness – over and over and over again throughout our lives – that made it hard for the different parts of us to work together, and even made it difficult sometimes for us to know what the individual parts had to say?

What if it were possible to bring those elements back together into alignment?

What if it were possible to start to hear and acknowledge what each part of ourselves was saying to us? To assume that our hearts (emotions), souls (connections with the Divine), minds (our intellect and reasoning and thought processes) and strength (our bodies) each had something useful and valuable to contribute to helping us become our best authentic self?

What if it were possible to find a way of living that made us come alive and brought us joy and peace and satisfaction?

What if?

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