Tools in your Toolbox – Compassionate Curiosity

One of the most powerful tools in the journey towards wholeness is compassionate curiosity.

That’s because many of us go about our days doing things and reacting and interacting with other people without ever stopping and thinking about why we do what we do.

But what if there was always a reason for the things that we did?

What if there was a reason for the things that other people around us did?

When we start to make space to ask this question, it can really change the way we live.

That child’s ‘tantrum’ or ‘meltdown’ at 6:30pm at the grocery store might be their attempt at telling you that they are tired and hungry and overstimulated and simply cannot cope anymore.

That fight that you keep having with your partner where they get ‘irrational’ about something might be an indication that there is something deeper going on here.

That feeling of tightness in your chest or in your throat as you drive in a certain direction each day may be telling you something about your job or home life that is an opportunity for you to tune in and make some changes.

The important thing is that we are always compassionate with our curiosity.

We don’t yell at someone, “Why are you being so weird!”

Instead we ask ourselves, “I wonder … what would I need to be feeling to behave in this way?” or “What might be making me anxious right now?” or “This keeps happening in my relationship … I wonder why?”

By making space to ask these questions we start to open the door to the possibility of the story being different than we might have once imagined.


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