Tools in your Toolbox – What Makes You Come Alive?

One of the first questions that we need to ask with our compassionate curiosity is what makes you come alive?

The reason is simple – all of us are exposed to lots of different voices, from lots of different directions. Everyone wants to tell us how to live, how to think, how to make decisions, what to buy, what to be excited about, what to be afraid of. And people have been telling us these things – both subtly and not-so-subtly – since we were little.

The problem is, these messages are sticky – especially when they come from people in authority over us or situations that we didn’t feel safe in.

Which means that even if the message was helpful in the first place, when it pops up twenty years later as a means of dealing with our children or making a decision about how to handle a situation at work or with our partner, it might not be so helpful.

But with all of these competing voices in our heads, how do we figure out what we actually think?

The answer is that we have to figure out what our values are.

But even this can be tricky, since many of us have messages about what the right or wrong values are to have.

So how do we get passed that?

We spend some time exploring what makes us come alive.

What makes us come alive is the place where our values are leading.

What makes us come alive is the place where we are choosing love, not fear.

What makes us come alive is the place where we are being who we were made to be, instead of trying to be someone that we are not.

And once we know what makes us come alive, then we can start to take steps to live more and more from that place.

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