Rhythm, Ritual, Rest

I spent eight years working as a doula. In that time I attended fifty births, and supported mentee doulas attending dozens of other births. And while every birth was different, there was one constant that helped me get all of my mamas through their big days (or nights), and that was Rhythm, Ritual and Rest.*

But as I moved into more and more coaching work, I realized that this principal holds true in the rest of life as well.

Fear and Love

There is a concept in psychology called ‘primary emotions’. These are seen as the emotions out of which all other emotions flow. Theorists, however, disagree wildly on what these different primary emotions might be. The following chart summarizes a wide range of these theories: Theorist Basic Emotions Plutchik Acceptance, anger, anticipation, disgust, joy, fear, sadness,Continue reading “Fear and Love”