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Unmasking with the Values Based Integration Process

November 2017

  • Your Values Diagram

    Your Values Diagram

    Two weeks ago I posted about the process of becoming Grounded Not Grasping. (If you haven’t read it yet, I would really encourage you to do so!) But this week, we want to take those values and dig into them – creating a deep root structure that will help us to weather the storms of… Continue reading

  • Deep Breaths and Baby Steps

    Deep Breaths and Baby Steps

    When we train, we do a lot of base training – training at a pace slow enough for Trevor to be able to engage in conversation with me. Aside from turning training into date-time, this builds up his cardio and his endurance over weeks and months, and we’ve seen quite significant improvements using this technique. Since… Continue reading

  • Collateral Beauty

    Collateral Beauty

    Whenever there is warfare, there is collateral damage. Innocent civilians die. Historic landmarks are obliterated. Food scarcity, people movements and disrupted social orders can all be expected. I’ve now been sick for a year, and although there has definitely been some collateral damage – loss of income, loss of mobility, loss of opportunities – I’ve realized… Continue reading

About the program

In 2017 I was newly self-diagnosed with atypical autism, struggling with burnout, and striking out when it came to therapists who could address the issues I was facing. At the same time, I was building skills around life coaching, shame reduction, and trauma-informed therapy for work. Gradually I realized that what I needed – an embodied, autonomous, agency-driven coaching approach to unmasking – was not something I was going to find “out there”, but something I was going to need to create if I wanted to recover my life. This was the moment the Values Based Integration Process was born.

Having developed the program for myself – and having seen the incredible results it brought in my own life – I began to use it with coaching clients. The results were out of this world!

After conversations with Dr. Devon Price, the technique was featured in his book Unmasking Autism. With it, came interest in the technique and the decision was made to begin training coaches and therapists to help make this toolkit more readily available.