All The Feels

So on Monday I introduced you to the idea of sitting with your hedgehogs (your emotions). It was a great description that helped me to understand a new way of interacting with my emotions.

But what I discovered for myself, for my kids and with an increasing number of the families I work with, it’s difficult to sit with your hedgehogs and name your hedgehogs if you’re not actually clear about what emotions you’re having in the first place.

Sitting With Your Hedgehog

Having grown up in a world that was very anti-sex, discovering my own sexuality – and developing a healthy sexuality – has been a long and slow process for me, with many a challenge to navigate.

In search of the next step in that journey I picked up a book a few years back that came highly recommended, called ‘Come As You Are’, by Emily Nagoski.

Although the book contained many a very thought and idea about sexuality – and I would highly recommend it to any woman looking to dig into her sexuality more deeply – one of the biggest things I learned from Dr. Nagoski was one about responding to our emotions – or as she calls it, ‘sitting with your hedgehogs’.