Universal Design: Bathrooms

The next stop in our Universal Design series is one that we use every day – the bathroom! Bathrooms are critical to our physical and emotional well-being, but are also an incredibly major issue for accessibility far before most of us would consider ourselves disabled! There are three main issues to address when it comesContinue reading “Universal Design: Bathrooms”


What do you know about canaries? I’m about to do a deep dive. Surprisingly enough this directly relates to disability advocacy. According to Wikipedia, canaries were used to detect carbon monoxide in coal mining from around 1913, when they realized that toxic gases such as carbon monoxide or asphyxiant gases such as methane in theContinue reading “Canaries”

Straightening the Walls

“What are you doing today?” “We’re straightening the walls.” (Wishes they had said something exciting like “the roof is going up”, then thinks about it for an extra second and realises the last thing I’d want is a roof on top of crooked walls…) “Good. I appreciate straight walls!”   Watching a house be builtContinue reading “Straightening the Walls”

Disability From All Sides

I live at an interesting intersection. I am a disabled woman raising disabled kids. Which means I spend time in both “disabled” spaces and “special needs parenting” spaces. I know disability from both sides.   I know what it’s like to worry about your children and their disabilities. I know what it’s like to haveContinue reading “Disability From All Sides”


Perspective is an interesting thing, isn’t it? When we were in Toronto this week, we stayed in a condo overnight and I had this unusual view out my bedroom window. Everything seemed both larger and tinier than in real life… Some perspectives are comfortable for us. Others leave us feeling off-kilter. Having lived my entireContinue reading “Perspective”

Medical Trauma

I grew up at Sick Kids. I had multiple operations over the years. Almost every surgery came with excruciatingly painful complications. One of those surgeries happened 33 years ago today. I was seven.   I remember it vividly, including being in a hospital room which – for all intents and purposes – could very easilyContinue reading “Medical Trauma”