Tools in your Toolbox – What Makes You Come Alive?

One of the first questions that we need to ask with our compassionate curiosity is what makes you come alive? The reason is simple – all of us are exposed to lots of different voices, from lots of different directions. Everyone wants to tell us how to live, how to think, how to make decisions, whatContinue reading “Tools in your Toolbox – What Makes You Come Alive?”

Tools in your Toolbox – Compassionate Curiosity

One of the most powerful tools in the journey towards wholeness is compassionate curiosity. That’s because many of us go about our days doing things and reacting and interacting with other people without ever stopping and thinking about why we do what we do. But what if there was always a reason for the things that we did?Continue reading “Tools in your Toolbox – Compassionate Curiosity”

Towards Wholeness

What if each one of us was created to be a unique, integrated person – with our heart, soul, mind and strength working together to help us to do the things we were created to do and be the person we were made to be? What if each one of us experienced brokenness – overContinue reading “Towards Wholeness”