Coaching and More


Once upon a time, I was desperate to find a better way to live.

I would seek out people who I thought had figured things out and ask them “what’s your secret?” “How do I parent well?” “What’s the secret to your relationship with your partner?” “I keep running into this issue … any bright ideas?”

But over and over again I was met with a ‘shrug’ or “I don’t know” or something similar.

I knew that life could be better than it was … I just didn’t know how to get there.

People who know me know that I don’t accept ‘no’ for an answer very easily. So I went searching.

I became a high risk doula.

I worked supporting parents of children with extraordinary disabilities.

I worked for a non-profit whose focus was at-risk moms and moms-to-be with abuse, trauma, mental health issues and poor support systems.

And eventually I trained as a Life Coach.

Along the way I have learned the answers to a lot of the questions I started out with – and discovered that most of the answers came about because someone asked me the right question, the right way, at the right time.

That’s why I love coaching: it’s based on the assumption that you actually know yourself – you don’t need to be told what to do. You simply need someone to walk alongside you, help you access the tools you might not have yet, and ask the questions you need to guide yourself forward on your journey.

Are you looking for a way to tell a different story with your life?

A different story in your relationship with your partner?

With your children?

A different story than the one you grew up with?

Than you feel your circumstances or your disability or your mental health or your experiences have forced you into?

Are you looking for more joy? More peace?

Do you want to feel more alive?

Then Life Coaching might be for you!

In my experience change is possible – especially when it’s Powered by Love!

I provide coaching  by Skype or Facetime, so it is easily accessible anywhere around the world!

Coaching is done in 1.5 hour time slots, and can be purchased in the following options:

Life Coaching, Single Session – $125

New Diagnosis Support and Coaching, Single Session – $125

Disability Coaching, Single Session – $125

Introductory 4 Session Pack – $400 (a $100 savings!)

Please contact me to get this conversation started. 

Disability Advocacy

‘Disability’ can be a scary word for a lot of people.

How do we navigate life with those who are different in our world?

How do we deal with the news that we or a loved one is facing disability?

How do we navigate the process of forms, renovations and adjustments necessary to move forward when we receive the news?

How do we come to understand the perspective of those who are different?

I’ve been navigating disability one way or another my entire life.

I have years of experience working with physical disabilities, autism, mental health issues and rare diseases, including issues around global delays and palliative care.

IMG_9446.bwWhat could I help you navigate?

What tools do you need?

What stories do you or your organization need to hear to be able to better serve those you are working with?

Please contact me for more information on how I can best help.

Let’s get this conversation started!


Accessibility Consulting

Would you like to have an accessible business, but aren’t sure what you need to do to achieve that? As a woman in a wheelchair with a lifetime of experience dealing with disabilities from autism to hearing loss to neurological conditions to global developmental delays, I can help you evaluate your business and give you simple, practical tips that you can use to help make your business more accessible. Sessions are an hour in length and take place in your local, Barrie-area business. Sessions include a complete wheel through of your location, itemized list of accessibility ‘wins’ and concerns, and a feature of each of your accessibility ‘wins’ through our social media feeds. If you are considering accessible modifications and would like to discuss those ahead of my wheel-through, sessions can take place via Skype and are billed at an hourly rate.

Sessions can be ordered directly through the website, or contact me directly to get the conversation started.

Group Coach, Speaker and Educator

My story is a unique one – disabled with a condition that results in severe muscle weakness, and yet someone who competes in 5k’s, 10k’s, Half Marathons and Triathlons. But just because my story is unique, doesn’t mean that my solutions to my limits have to be unique.

Community and teamwork; rhythm, ritual and rest; deep roots to weather the storms and radical honesty all create a space where we can deal with the real limitations we face everyday in ways that still allow us to go further and live more fully into the people we were made to be than we could have ever thought or imagined.

So what limits is your team facing right now? What about your office, class or community group? How can my story encourage, inspire and equip you and your community to live life more to the full? Please connect with me directly to get this conversation started.