All of the sessions below are available to clients around the world, and payment can be made through the website or through eTransfer within Canada. If you would like to set up a session, please feel free to do so using my Calendly Link.

New clients will also need to fill in the appropriate new client form, available here:

Powered by Love Intake Form – for general Life Coaching, and to complete a Values-Based Integration Process

Powered by Love Disability Coaching – for individuals interested in support around their own disabilities.

Powered by Love Parenting Coaching – for individuals interested in support for their parenting journey, whether around disability, grief, LGBTQ journeys or behavioural challenges.

Powered by Love Infant Loss Coaching – for individuals facing adverse prenatal diagnoses or infant loss, and seeking grief coaching or high risk doula services and support.

Powered by Love Teen Coaching – for teens aged 12 – 18, looking for support around disability, neurodivergence (autism/adhd), LGBTQ journeys, grief or other mental health supports.


Life Coaching – Single Session

We all have times when we get stuck in life. We think we’re doing fine and all of a sudden we realize we really aren’t. Coaching uses a question-based approach to allow you to get to understand yourself and your situation better – to root you and ground you in who you are and how you want to live. We explore personal practices that will assist you in reaching your goals. With honesty and connection, transformation really is possible! A single coaching session of 1.5 hours in length.


Wheels in Motion

Disability Coaching

Are you dealing with a disability yourself, or with a family member? Sometimes the pressures of life and disability can become overwhelming, but a fresh perspective can help! I’d love to connect and help you find your way forward! Please note that disability sessions are 50 minutes in length.


New Diagnosis Image

New Diagnosis Support and Coaching – Single Session

Are you overwhelmed by a new diagnosis? Wondering how to navigate the paperwork, therapists, doctors and caregivers needed to deal with you or your family member’s new disability? As a person with a disability and a wife and mother to folks with disability, I understand how complicated and overwhelming a new diagnosis can be. Contact me today to learn how support and coaching can assist you through this challenging period of time. Sessions run 1.5 hours in length and can be accessed via Skype.


Life Coaching – Discount Session

Discount Coaching Session – valid for 1.5 hours Life Coaching, New Diagnosis and Support Coaching or Disability Coaching for those who meet the criteria for a discount session. If you are experiencing financial hardship, and feel that this discount is necessary for you to begin your coaching journey, please reach out to Heather directly to discuss your situation in more detail.


Accessibility Win

Accessibility Consulting – Single Session

Would you like to have an accessible business, but aren’t sure what you need to do to achieve that? As a woman in a wheelchair with a lifetime of experience dealing with disabilities from autism to hearing loss to neurological conditions to global developmental delays, I can help you evaluate your business and give you simple, practical tips that you can use to help make your business more accessible. Sessions are an hour in length and take place in your local, Barrie-area business. Sessions include a complete wheel through of your location, itemized list of accessibility 'wins' and concerns, and a feature of each of your accessibility 'wins' through our social media feeds. If you are considering accessible modifications and would like to discuss those ahead of my wheel-through, sessions can take place via Skype and are billed at an hourly rate.


Trevor pushing Heather

Coach, Speaker and Educator

My story is a unique one – disabled with a condition that results in severe muscle weakness, and yet someone who competes in 5k’s, 10k’s, Half Marathons and Triathlons. But my solutions to my limits don’t have to be unique. Community and teamwork; rhythm, ritual and rest; deep roots to weather the storms and radical honesty all create a space where we can deal with the real limitations we face everyday in ways that still allow us to go further and live more fully into the people we were made to be than we could have ever thought or imagined. So what limits is your team facing right now? What about your office, class or your community group? How can my story encourage, inspire and equip you and your community to live life more to the full? Payment covers a single hour of speaking/group educating. Please contact me for pricing for other lengths of events.


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