Parenting Coach

Sometimes parenting is a wonderful experience, and sometimes it’s a challenging adventure. But with the right supports, tools and strategies, we can do hard things! For those looking to add a few tools to their toolbox, or those dealing with the big challenges of life, Heather has 17 years of experience providing parenting support to draw on.

General Parenting Supports

For clients seeking to develop:

  • Healthy structure;
  • Emotional regulation strategies;
  • Increased toolkit for approaching challenging behaviours.

Neurodiversity (Autism/ADHD), Trauma, Disability and Grief

For clients seeking support as they:

  • Receive and come to terms with a new diagnosis;
  • Process a recent traumatic experience for their child;
  • Develop skills to respond to challenging behaviours;
  • Create resilience within the family structure to respond to on-going stressors;
  • Plan for and create contexts to develop life skills for your child/teenager/adult child, regardless of level of ability;
  • Grieve the loss of a child.

LGBTQ+ Support

For clients seeking support as they:

  • Navigate their child’s coming out journey;
  • Interact with religiously held convictions or a religious community that may make this more difficult;
  • Deal with family members who may take a negative approach;
  • Navigate their own fears, concerns and emotions.

What is Offered?


Heather offers 1.5 hour long one-on-one sessions with clients, with the option of including their parenting partner(s) for some sessions, if desired. Heather’s sessions can be offered in-person in Barrie, ON, or by video call for those interested.

Coaching can be purchased here via PayPal, or, in Canada, via e-transfer. Please contact me for more details.

Please contact me to get this conversation started.

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