High Risk Doula Pregnancy Coaching

Pregnancy can be a time of great joy and delight, or it can be an extremely challenging time that leaves pregnant individuals and their partner(s) feeling alone and at a complete loss of what to do. For those experiencing pregnancy and newborn-related challenges, Heather has more than 17 years’ experience as a high risk doula supporting individuals and families through all that this time in life might bring.

Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy

For clients seeking support:

  • Around fertility journeys;
  • For a previous birth trauma, miscarriage or infant loss;
  • Due to an adverse prenatal diagnosis, regardless of decision;
  • For anxiety related to childbirth;
  • For concerns around disability and parenthood;
  • Or for those who have experienced sexual abuse and want to plant carefully for their upcoming birth.


For clients seeking support following:

  • Miscarriage or infant loss;
  • Traumatic birth or neonatal experience;

Or for those:

  • Struggling to adjust to the unexpected diagnosis of a disability in their child;
  • Or dealing with postpartum depression.

What Is Offered?

Heather offers 1.5 hour long one-on-one sessions with pregnant clients, with the option of including their parenting partner(s) for some sessions, if desired. Heather’s sessions can be offered in-person in Barrie, ON or by video call for those interested, or facing travel-related barriers.

More Background Details


Heather has spent 17 years working with thousands of pregnant and parenting individuals through issues including infertility, miscarriage, adverse prenatal diagnosis, premature birth, stillbirth, birth trauma, NICU stays, infant loss, postpartum depression, Subsequent Pregnancy After Loss (SPAL), physical/developmental disability and mental health issues (for parents or children). She has experienced infant loss herself as well as raising two children, each with multiple disabilities.

Professionally, Heather has worked as the Founding Support Director for the Trisomy 18 Foundation, she has attended over 50 births as a High Risk Doula, she has trained under Penny Simkin on Childbirth After Sexual Abuse, and is a trained Life Coach with thousands of hours of clinical experience.

Coaching can be purchased here via PayPal, or, in Canada, via e-transfer – please contact me directly for details.

Please contact me to get this conversation started.


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