Accessible Racing

I’ve always loved being active. It allows me to get into nature … to become mindful and present … to feel alive.

But what happens if you can’t?

If disability forces you into a wheelchair or into a more sedentary way of living?

Then movement and activity can become extremely difficult, and it can be very easy to end up stuck and alone and disconnected from your body.

The solution for me is to be the captain and coach for our assisted running team.

It’s very simple. I sit in a racing chair specially designed for me. Then I have a team of angels who push me. Which means that I get to be Powered by Love!


The fascinating thing is that people tell me that participating as an angel improves their experience as well:

“This was possibly the most fun 10k I have ever done. I took part in a relay team pushing disabled athlete Heather Morgan in a running stroller. It was so much more motivating than running on my own, in large part due to Heather’s inspiring attitude.” ~ Dave

Others have told me that it helps them to be more motivated to train if they have someone to work with, and that they are more able to keep to their base training goals with someone to talk to.

Are you interested in joining our running team for a day or a season?

Are you looking for a new or different way to train?

Are you looking for a coach or accountability partner for your running?

Please contact me for information on how we could work together to reach your goals.