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After years of offering my Unmasking coaching to clients, the proof is in – not only does this produce effective, long-term results, but time and again I hear back from Autistic and neurotypical clients alike that this technique took them where no other mental health approach had even begun to address. But as we all know, there’s only so much time in the day. As more and more people find out about this technique I find myself less and less able to meet the demand. So here’s your chance!

Day one covers the rationale behind the method and the ‘Find Your Why’ process (including key areas to consider when working with those on the Autism spectrum) in a mixture of direct training and group breakout sessions. Day two builds on this material to introduce the concept of messages and to learn how the values can be used to process messages with clients, creating movement and growth in areas that previously seemed impossibly fixed and stuck.

Handouts for all tools covered will be offered throughout the training.

If you’re a mental health worker – coach, therapist or social worker – and especially if you work with adults on the Autism Spectrum – this training is for you!

To arrange for a private group training for 10 or more individuals, or to put your name on a wait list for future trainings, please send me an email:

Here’s what our Trained Graduates are saying about the process:

I’m thrilled to have been trained in Heather’s Autism Coaching Training. Her framework reveals how deeply ingrained unhelpful beliefs can be for neurodiverse people, particularly due to the messages that we absorb. Using personal values to turn around the messages empowers clients to unmask, and find confidence in their own ability to make decisions that reflect what matters most to them in life. What an amazing gift. There is such a dire need in our neurodiverse community for this kind of support! Heather’s framework adds massive value to my work with neurodiverse coaching clients.

Elizabeth Chatfield Vernier –

As a practitioner for over a decade, I can confidently say this is the most useful training and method I have ever done. I work with clients who are struggling to live fully and safely in their own lives and bodies due to attachment wounds, social/relational trauma and neurodivergent burnout. Heather’s process is clear, accessible, flexible, and highly effective in supporting clients in unmasking and becoming embodied. Building our permission to exist just as we are is one of the key healing outcomes of this training. It was comprehensive and experiential, with a focus on client-as-expert, supporting autonomy, and co-creating safe pathways toward sustainable recovery. I would recommend this training to every practitioner working with humans. I believe this training will become the backbone of future clinical modalities and community healing. 

Dr. Erin Watson –

“It was fast and full, but you were so clear and solid (and compassionate) with your content and delivery that it all came together perfectly!”


“It was an amazing experience. I feel very tired!”


“I have experienced (autistic) burnout multiple times as a professional and this type of process is exactly what I needed to be able to start working with clients again.”


“You are so incredibly familiar with the content that it was seamless as a participant. You consistently guided us back to the same core principles no matter what the question or query. I find this so helpful when learning something new and gaining confidence in the material.”


“This was paradigm shifting. I truly feel like I received tools that are actionably useful in practice, and honestly I struggled to find value like that when I was entrenched in academia.”

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