Heather - COLORMany people live their lives powered by fear, anger, apathy or regret. When we do this, it isolates and divides us – from ourselves, from each other and from the Divine. But what happens if we instead chose to power our lives with love? With compassionate curiosity? With honesty and (re)connection? What kind of life might that fuel?

My name is Heather Morgan. I’m a Life Coach and Disability Advocate, and I’d love to share with you some of the strategies and tools I’ve discovered to create a life that is truly Powered by Love!


This was possibly the most fun 10k I have ever done. I took part in a relay team pushing [Heather] in a running stroller. It was so much more motivating than running on my own, in large part due to Heather’s inspiring attitude. ~ Dave

So Much More Motivating

Never was there any judgement about my past, present, or future choices and actions, which allowed for a high level of trust and honesty. ~ C.M.

High Level of Trust and Honesty