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Hi! My name is Heather Morgan. I am a life coach, trainer, disability advocate, and crip theologian.

Life coaching and training are on the back seat at the moment for me, but the site is full of resources, so feel free to poke around! I’m still available to do work as a disability advocate and speaker, and am actively pursuing work in the area of crip theology.

Disability Advocacy/Speaking

As a speaker and advocate, I am passionate about issues such as accessibility, housing, and structural supports, including access to equipment, diagnostics and community supports to help people move from surviving to thriving, both for individuals with disabilities, and their caregivers.

To that end, I currently serve on the Barrie Accessibility Advisory Committee as their sub-chair and volunteer with the Ontario Disability Coalition. I have spoken to community groups, service organizations, medical professionals, politicians, media and more, and am available to speak on a wide range of topics, either online or in-person.

As an individual with a disability who also lives as a caregiver to others with disability, I bring a unique lived experience to my advocacy that is deeply rooted in the disability community. I am convinced that the needs and perspectives of those with disabilities can improve and inform all of our lives for the better.

Crip Theologian

Crip Theology is work done by those with disabilities on the topic of theology. But it’s more than that. It’s work that incorporates the lived and embodied experiences of disability into the questions that are asked and the approaches taken to theological inquiry.

Heather - COLORAbout

Heather has spent 20 years working with thousands of pregnant and parenting individuals through issues including general parenting skills, neurodiversity (autism/ADHD), trauma, physical/developmental disability, mental health issues (for parents or children), and parents who are learning to support their LGBTQ+ child/youth. She has experienced infant loss herself as well as raising two children, each with multiple disabilities, both of whom identify as LGBTQ+.

Professionally, Heather has worked as the Founding Support Director for the Trisomy 18 Foundation and has attended over 50 births as a High Risk Doula. She has trained under Penny Simkin on Childbirth After Sexual Abuse, under Leah Kuypers on Zones of Regulation, under Dr. Karyn Purvis on The Connected Child, and with the Gilbert Centre’s Family Support Team. Heather is a trained Life Coach with thousands of hours of clinical experience. Currently, Heather is completing her MDiv in the area of Crip Theology, and will begin her doctoral studies in the fall.

For more information, please get in touch!

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