Barrie Food Bank – RoundUP Training Run

This morning’s training run with the Barrie Runninjas coincided with the Barrie Food Bank’s RoundUP, so we decided to do our training route from MEC across to Ardagh Bluffs School and then back again down Ardagh to MEC.

We had a great crowd out, with lots of people happy to push! I have been amazed at this group of runners. This was only my second morning out and both weeks I’ve had people queuing up for a chance to join in. This is what first caught my attention about the running and triathlon communities in Simcoe when Trevor first started participating years ago – the camaraderie, acceptance and sense of community were incredibly enticing and I always wanted to be part of the fun!

Thanks to the Runninjas for a great morning out, a super-fast training pace, a chance to be part of the Food Bank event in a wonderfully community way, and of course the smoothies back at the store!

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