Wheel Covers!

So thanks to my amazing friend Mar, at Art in House, we have just submitted our incredible design for our wheel covers for the new racing chair!!

I am beyond excited, my friends!

The requirement from the manufacturer was that since we were purchasing the chair with myTeamTriumph Canada’s assistance, their logo and website had to go on the covers.

But we also wanted to make sure to include the poweredbylove.ca website and a bit of a hint as to what we were all about.

So after a number of sketches and doodles and lots of inspiration from the Art in House art space, we realized that a lot of what we are about here is community and the way that community comes together and rallies around each other to make it possible for all of us to stay upright and moving forward.

And since the plan is to use our chair to bring people together and to rally around those in our community who need a bit of help, we thought that these beautiful house prints would be a great way to achieve that!

We are told it takes 60 business days to build a custom chair. So far we’re 16 business days down and only 44 to go! 🙂

Stay tuned, my friends!

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