Race Report: Barrie Waterfront 5K

After our fabulous race on Wednesday, Captains Justin, Jaxon and myself decided we were gluttons for punishment and we came back this morning for another race – this time the Barrie Waterfront 5K! We packed up the car in the rain, with the wind picking up, and at 6:30 in the morning a race inContinue reading “Race Report: Barrie Waterfront 5K”

Race Report: Barrie Rotary Fun Run

The last Wednesday in May is the annual Barrie Rotary Fun Run. This race has been part of our annual calendar since we first moved to Barrie in 2008, and this year was no different! The weather was about as good as we have ever had it – 20 degrees, partly cloudy, and hardly anyContinue reading “Race Report: Barrie Rotary Fun Run”

Race Report – Scotiabank Half Marathon

Yesterday was the day we’d been training for all summer!

After over four months of waiting for my chair it shipped over a week ago. Problems with delays at the factory where it was made, and then issues with shipping meant that by Friday afternoon it was stuck in a semi-truck at the UPS Depot in Windsor, with no chance of getting it to Barrie before our race.

Marianne from My Team Triumph Canada, and an amazing friend who lives in Windsor called, pestered, insisted and succeeded in emancipating my chair from the depot late Friday afternoon, drove it up from Windsor and assembled it on Saturday, and arrived with it in hand Sunday morning.

Wheel Covers!

So thanks to my amazing friend Mar, at Art in House, we have just submitted our incredible design for our wheel covers for the new racing chair!! I am beyond excited, my friends! The requirement from the manufacturer was that since we were purchasing the chair with myTeamTriumph Canada’s assistance, their logo and website had toContinue reading “Wheel Covers!”

Toronto Waterfront 10K – Race Report

This week’s race started with a gruelling 4:20 am alarm! But the sky was starting to lighten already and we slipped into our race gear, grabbed our pre-made banana-peanutbutter-walnut-chocolate-chip muffins, and headed out the door by 4:45. We stopped to pick up our friend Sarah – gamely joining us as an ‘angel’ today, along withContinue reading “Toronto Waterfront 10K – Race Report”

A Chair Of My Own

So I’ve been using the Advance Mobility stroller for the past few weeks, and while I am grateful for it, there are two issues with the trial chair I’ve been using. The first is obvious – it isn’t mine! The chair I’ve been using is one of myTeam Triumph’s chairs, and  needs to be available for other athletes to use on a regular basis for races and training runs, so we can’t hold onto it. The second is that it lacks the support I would need to spend extended periods of time in it – the trial chair would create problems with my back and neck muscles, and increase my fatigue levels.