Affordable, Accessible Second Suites

First views of the first accessible, affordable second suite in Barrie. Every day I hear stories of families and individuals who are not only trapped in the unaffordable rental market, but trapped while dealing with major accessibility needs for themselves or a family member.

The level of increased disability these situations cause – both for disabled individuals and for their caregivers – is insane. Mental health issues, back problems, hygiene issues, nutrition issues, injuries – the list goes on.

In fact, I’ve read so many of these stories recently that I had a dream about a person in this situation just before I woke up and when the alarm went off my pillow was covered in tears.

We know that two units won’t solve the accessible affordable housing crisis – not by a long shot – but when each of us show up and do our part it’s amazing where that momentum can take us!

Lots of work to do – the view will get better – but it now exists!

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