Natural Light

The front of the house is beginning to take shape! This includes a LOT of natural light in the front bedrooms – especially when you remember that these are south facing! And that was no mistake. One of our guiding design constraints was to maximize the amount of natural light and ventilation we brought intoContinue reading “Natural Light”

Universal Design: Bathrooms

The next stop in our Universal Design series is one that we use every day – the bathroom! Bathrooms are critical to our physical and emotional well-being, but are also an incredibly major issue for accessibility far before most of us would consider ourselves disabled! There are three main issues to address when it comesContinue reading “Universal Design: Bathrooms”

Straightening the Walls

“What are you doing today?” “We’re straightening the walls.” (Wishes they had said something exciting like “the roof is going up”, then thinks about it for an extra second and realises the last thing I’d want is a roof on top of crooked walls…) “Good. I appreciate straight walls!”   Watching a house be builtContinue reading “Straightening the Walls”

Universal Design: Zero Barrier Entry

So you’ve found your property and know that you want to build a Universally Designed structure on it. Maybe you’re building your custom dream home and want to know that you’re going to be able to stay in it as you age. Maybe you’ve just been told you have a progressive condition and you’re going toContinue reading “Universal Design: Zero Barrier Entry”

Affordable, Accessible Second Suites

First views of the first accessible, affordable second suite in Barrie. Every day I hear stories of families and individuals who are not only trapped in the unaffordable rental market, but trapped while dealing with major accessibility needs for themselves or a family member. The level of increased disability these situations cause – both forContinue reading “Affordable, Accessible Second Suites”


It’s a cold and snowy morning but our footings for our foundation went in this morning. I always knew how important foundations were, but I hadn’t ever realised the level of work that has to go in BEFORE the foundation. These footings have been in the works for a couple of weeks now. The barsContinue reading “Foundations”