Straightening the Walls

“What are you doing today?”

“We’re straightening the walls.”

(Wishes they had said something exciting like “the roof is going up”, then thinks about it for an extra second and realises the last thing I’d want is a roof on top of crooked walls…)

“Good. I appreciate straight walls!”


Watching a house be built is both an incredibly quick and an incredibly slow process.


Every time I go over to visit, more work has been completed, but also, I don’t think days and weeks have crawled by this slowly since I was a kid waiting for Christmas or summer vacation!


Here’s the thing, though. We WANT the walls to be straight. We WANT the floor to be level. We WANT the pipes to line up and the windows to open the right direction and ten thousand other details (literally) to be correct, BECAUSE THIS IS GOING TO BE OUR HOME.


We’re going to LIVE here – hopefully for the rest of our lives!


So we want it to be done well.


The same is true with life work. Sometimes it’s a big day when a wall comes down or we have a Big Breakthrough Moment. But BBM’s are only one element of the work we need to do, and the quality of the life that we will build is not found exclusively in these moments, but interwoven into the ten thousand other moments that help us create a stable, solid foundation to live off of.


When was the last time you paused for a moment to straighten your walls?

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