Emotional Regulation in Hard Times

Some suggestions for emotional self regulation during hard times:

Create intentional PLANS and SCHEDULES to help organise your day and increase your sense of AGENCY and CONTROL.

Don’t be afraid to Make these plans VISUAL in a notebook or on a board.

Use MOVEMENT and CREATIVITY to allow your body to process stress as it comes: dance, tumble, paint, collage, bake, build Lego – what works for you?


Find ways to CONNECT with other people: use video chats, play board games with housemates, call a friend on the phone.
Don’t leave this to chance – be INTENTIONAL.


Use GROUNDING rituals and SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES – like journaling, breath work, meditation, gratitude exercises, etc – as well as acts of service and intentional choice to centre yourself and lean into love over fear. Remember that taking AGENCY – choosing to do something – is often the first step out of fear.

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