Your Values Diagram

Two weeks ago I posted about the process of becoming Grounded Not Grasping. (If you haven’t read it yet, I would really encourage you to do so!)

But this week, we want to take those values and dig into them – creating a deep root structure that will help us to weather the storms of life as they arise.

And we do this in three parts.

The first part is that we give each of our values words a definition.

Not just any definition, mind you, but your very own, personal definition.

We don’t want to know what the dictionary says about your word, but what your examples and experiences of life tell you matters about this word.

For many people, some of the synonyms for their values will end up in the definition – which helps to incorporate concepts that might not be the very most important to you, but that nevertheless have meaning and significance to you.

Having done that, some people might find that they can prioritize these words, or put them into some sort of sequential order. This can be really helpful down the road as we come back to our values over and over again to ask them how we should best deal with the challenges and struggles life throws at us.

Finally, we want to create a visual to represent our values.

Something that makes sense to who we are.

It might be connected directly with one of our values.

Or perhaps with a place or time or experience that makes us come alive.

It might be connected with a hobby or skill.

But whatever it is, it needs to have a way of incorporating each of your values, so that you can remember them easily when you need to.

Here are a few examples from clients who have completed this process already:

Values Diagram 3

values diagram 3

Values Diagram 4

Values Diagram 5

Values Diagram 6

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