Doing the ‘Big Dig’ On Life

This is our main street in Barrie right now.


If you had driven down it a few months ago, you never would have noticed there was a problem. It wasn’t terribly bumpy. There weren’t any potholes or sinkholes or anything else to give it away. But the pipes deep underground were getting old. People with mobility impairments were struggling to get around. And the clock was ticking before something bigger and more expensive went wrong – probably in the middle of winter!

So our city started “The Big Dig”. It’s a lot of work. It’s going to cost a lot of money. It’s a big inconvenience. But I’ve seen the plans. It’s going to make things underground much better. It’s going to make things at street level much better. It’ll be worth it – when it’s done!

The coaching journey can be like that.

We dread the time and the work and the expense. So we put it off. But the problem is, the longer we put it off, the more work it becomes.

It takes courage to do a ‘Big Dig’. Courage to dedicate ourselves to the process. But I promise – it’ll be worth it in the end!


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