Meet – Move – Make

It may not come as much of a surprise to anyone, but our life can get pretty stressful in a ‘not going away anytime soon’ sort of way.

Part of finding healthy ways to live for us has been learning strategies and techniques for dealing well with the stress. But no matter how good a toolkit you have, it’s only as good as your ability to access it when life gets stressful!

Over the summer we discovered a really useful set of three words to help remind us what to do:






MEET with someone outside of the family to share food somehow. Have breakfast with a friend. Share coffee with a colleague. Drop in on extended family if they live close by. The goal is to expand your awareness that you are not alone.

MOVE your body. Go for a run. Do yoga. Go climbing. For me, go for a roll in the sunshine. Have someone take me for a run. When we move our bodies, something interesting happens. We stop feeling stuck physically and in doing so often gain new perspective and a sense of movement with the problems we face in other areas of life.

MAKE something. Be creative. Make music. Paint. Write. Plant a garden. Cook a meal. When we are creative in one area of life, that creativity starts to spill over into other aspects of life as well.

It’s our new recipe for stress. Meet – move – make. And it’s working!

What’s YOUR recipe for stress?

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