Game Changers

My new power chair has arrived!! And with it, heights I have never before experienced! I’m still testing out all the functions, but this is a game changer for me!

And that seems like a pretty good opportunity to have a quick chat about mobility aids in general and wheelchairs specifically. Because so often when I talk with people who are struggling to get around – whether because of pain or fatigue or range of motion – there is a big stigma around getting that cane/crutch/walker/manual or power wheelchair.

Sometimes that’s for good reason.

Sometimes they need to stay as active as possible to prevent long term damage.

But SOMETIMES the mobility aid is the difference between going out the front door or being stuck in bed, participating or not participating, living and contributing well or simply existing.

When I got my cane it increased my distance and lowered my pain. Same was true when I eventually got a walker and a manual chair. My travel power chair made a shocking amount of difference, and this new #permobil #m3 is set to do the same thing again.

If you don’t need one, they may seem cumbersome and challenging compared to walking, but if you find yourself wondering how much easier life would be with one, it might be time to start the conversation.

Because who doesn’t want to live life to the full???

Happy International Persons with Disabilities Eve everyone!!

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