Preventing Trauma for Complex Care Patients

I first entered the new wing of the Hospital for Sick Children in February 1993 – just over 27 years ago. Since that time I have had operations, birthed babies, spent time in the NICU, attended outpatient appointments, spent time in the ER, spent time with my kids as inpatients all in this building. IContinue reading “Preventing Trauma for Complex Care Patients”

Let’s Talk About (Disability &) Sex!

Had an incredible time today as I was interviewed on a podcast about disability, where I got to talk about not only being disabled, but being part of a disabled family, and the highs and the lows of that. One of the questions I was asked was, How do your different disabilities play a roleContinue reading “Let’s Talk About (Disability &) Sex!”


What do you know about canaries? I’m about to do a deep dive. Surprisingly enough this directly relates to disability advocacy. According to Wikipedia, canaries were used to detect carbon monoxide in coal mining from around 1913, when they realized that toxic gases such as carbon monoxide or asphyxiant gases such as methane in theContinue reading “Canaries”

Medical Trauma

I grew up at Sick Kids. I had multiple operations over the years. Almost every surgery came with excruciatingly painful complications. One of those surgeries happened 33 years ago today. I was seven.   I remember it vividly, including being in a hospital room which – for all intents and purposes – could very easilyContinue reading “Medical Trauma”

Why it’s Time to Change our Perspective on Wheelchairs

The movie Wall-E doesn’t paint a great picture of people using wheeled devices to move around. In fact, it sort of suggests that wheelchair usage – especially from power wheelchairs – is just a great way for people to get fatter and lazier than they already are. Unfortunately, the confusion about wheelchair usage isn’t limitedContinue reading “Why it’s Time to Change our Perspective on Wheelchairs”

Accessibility and Universal Design

I talk a lot about the value of building Universally Designed homes and communities from the beginning. That’s because the cost of modifications to our existing, inaccessible buildings is incredibly high! But until we change the world, we still have to shift from inaccessible to accessible, and the idea I think in most people’s heads is thatContinue reading “Accessibility and Universal Design”


It’s a cold and snowy morning but our footings for our foundation went in this morning. I always knew how important foundations were, but I hadn’t ever realised the level of work that has to go in BEFORE the foundation. These footings have been in the works for a couple of weeks now. The barsContinue reading “Foundations”

Game Changers

My new power chair has arrived!! And with it, heights I have never before experienced! I’m still testing out all the functions, but this is a game changer for me! And that seems like a pretty good opportunity to have a quick chat about mobility aids in general and wheelchairs specifically. Because so often whenContinue reading “Game Changers”