Hope is a tricky thing.

Sometimes it feels like hope will just lead to disappointment – like not only is there ‘no point’ but there is almost an ‘anti-point’ – like it will be net negative to hope for something.

When I first got sick people really wanted me to ‘hope’ that I would get better soon. Hoping that this disability was going to get better in a few days or a few weeks or even a few months led to all sorts of disappointment, and putting off a lot of the changes that we needed to make to be able to cope with our new normal.

But sometimes hope is what propels us – what gives us the energy and the motivation and the capacity to try.


A year ago, we decided to start hoping for a space that was accessible, for a wheelchair that would allow me to function, and for access to community. At the time those things felt almost as impossible as recovering from this disability, but step by tiny little baby step we have seen change, and with it, renewed capacity for me to function and thrive.


We now have the power wheelchair. We’ve found an accessible van that will soon be ours (current pandemics aside), and today we did the first ‘roll through’ of our newly framed #accessiblehouse.


Hope is a tricky thing – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hope.


P.S. as usual, a huge shout out to Community Builders for their amazing work bringing this hope into reality – even in the midst of everything else going on!

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