New Coaching Training Dates – October 24-25

Our first Coaches Training session was a huge success! The feedback we got from our coaches and therapists was beyond my wildest expectations. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“This is an actually effective method to identify through narrative, deconstruct through simple analysis, and rename/reconstruct messages that works to dissolve intrinsic messaging at the root of trauma responses.”


“It was fast and full, but you were so clear and solid (and compassionate) with your content and delivery that it all came together perfectly!”


“It was an amazing experience. I feel very tired!”


“I have experienced (autistic) burnout multiple times as a professional and this type of process is exactly what I needed to be able to start working with clients again.”


“You are so incredibly familiar with the content that it was seamless as a participant. You consistently guided us back to the same core principles no matter what the question or query. I find this so helpful when learning something new and gaining confidence in the material.”


“This was paradigm shifting. I truly feel like I received tools that are actionably useful in practice, and honestly I struggled to find value like that when I was entrenched in academia.”


This first Coaching Training was focused exclusively on providers working with neurodivergent populations – ADHD and Autism – however, this material was created to address a number of different patient populations, including not only those who are neurodivergent, but also those coming out of High Religious Control environments, and those who have experienced trauma.

If you’re a coach, mental health professional or therapist interested in knowing more, please head over to the Registration page to find out more about the format and to book your place for the next session! (Registration is capped at 20 participants, so register early to avoid disappointment!)

2 thoughts on “New Coaching Training Dates – October 24-25

    1. Yes – absolutely!! We’re just looking for people who have experience playing the role of coach as well as client, so that you feel comfortable engaging in this very immersive course. 🙂


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