New Coaching Training Dates – October 24-25

Our first Coaches Training session was a huge success! The feedback we got from our coaches and therapists was beyond my wildest expectations. Here’s what some of them had to say: “This is an actually effective method to identify through narrative, deconstruct through simple analysis, and rename/reconstruct messages that works to dissolve intrinsic messaging atContinue reading “New Coaching Training Dates – October 24-25”

Returning to School?

Like canaries in mines of old, meeting our needs as disabled and neurodivergent individuals in turn ensures that everyone else is safe and has their needs met. As we consider reopening schools, the concerns I have about my disabled, autistic daughter’s needs being met at school are not only for her benefit, but also for the benefit of all of her abled and disabled, neurotypical and neurodivergent classmates as well as the staff at her school. So here are a few questions I think we need to answer collectively before we go back to school.


There is a concept within the Autistic Community called ‘masking’, but it applies to many people across many different diversity axes. That’s because masking is basically the work we do to try to blend in with those around us – to try to pretend that we are someone that we are not – less autistic, less queer, less disabled, less ADHD … less us. In particular, these ideas are often introduced or reinforced with behavioural methods such as ABA/IBI or conversion therapy.

Disability From All Sides

I live at an interesting intersection. I am a disabled woman raising disabled kids. Which means I spend time in both “disabled” spaces and “special needs parenting” spaces. I know disability from both sides.   I know what it’s like to worry about your children and their disabilities. I know what it’s like to haveContinue reading “Disability From All Sides”

Deep Breaths and Baby Steps

And the walls came tumbling down! Our accessibility build involves connecting an existing, older structure to a new extension. Part of making that possible requires that some of the walls of both the original foundation and the original structure get moved/removed to allow flow from one space to the next. It was really interesting toContinue reading “Deep Breaths and Baby Steps”