Turn The Wind Down

This is a picture of my husband, Trevor, walking the slackline. It's basically a horizontal bungee cord, upon which he somehow maintains some semblance of balance in spite of the fact that it bends and sways in response to the slightest breeze, much less his weight or movement! People see him walking on it in the park, and either assume they could never do it, or that it's easy. But it's actually neither. Most people (although sadly not me) could walk a slackline if they were willing to put in enough time and dedication and willingness-to-fall-off effort. Trevor spent weeks just trying to stand up on it, and then months more mastering the art of walking, turning, crouching and walking backwards on it. And there are others that have taken the art to the level of impressive, and can even do tricks on the slackline or cross deep canyons on a high rope! And I think that slacklining is a useful metaphor for us as we think about what it means to begin to live life over our centre.


Responding To Self-Harm and Suicide

Because of the role that worthlessness and disconnection play in self-harm and suicidality, if someone is courageous enough to tell me about what's going on, I do my best to respond immediately with deeper connection. I might take them out for coffee, for a walk in the woods or by the water; I might invite them back to my place for dinner and some chill hang out time, or even invite them to spend a night or two with us. I know that this response is not going to fix all of the underlying reasons for where this person is where they are. That's not my goal. My goal is to create an immediate, felt sensation of increased connection for the person - like first-aid for the soul.

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Wheel Covers!

So thanks to my amazing friend Mar, at Art in House, we have just submitted our incredible design for our wheel covers for the new racing chair!! I am beyond excited, my friends! The requirement from the manufacturer was that since we were purchasing the chair with myTeamTriumph Canada's assistance, their logo and website had to… Continue reading Wheel Covers!

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Barrie Food Bank – RoundUP Training Run

This morning's training run with the Barrie Runninjas coincided with the Barrie Food Bank's RoundUP, so we decided to do our training route from MEC across to Ardagh Bluffs School and then back again down Ardagh to MEC. We had a great crowd out, with lots of people happy to push! I have been amazed… Continue reading Barrie Food Bank – RoundUP Training Run