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A ‘Third Way’

Do you ever feel backed into a corner in an argument? Or forced to choose sides between polarizing forces? Perhaps in your intimate partner or family relationships? Perhaps in our wider, increasingly divisive social sphere? One of the biggest relationship-savers that Trevor and I have discovered over the last few years is to recognize when… Continue reading A ‘Third Way’


When Life Cracks and Breaks

I was thinking about how hard it is to notice these losses and grieve them as we go.  We often seem to jump to dismissing our grief in the hopes that by dismissing it the pain won't be as bad. We decide that they're 'silly' or they 'don't count' and sometimes actively minimize them to try to gain a sense of 'control' over the randomness of the experience. Sometimes the changes happen so slowly or silently that we miss that the loss has even happened - so we miss the chance or the need to grieve. But the problem is that when we don't deal well with grief it doesn't just disappear.

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Deep Breaths and Baby Steps

When we train, we do a lot of base training - training at a pace slow enough for Trevor to be able to engage in conversation with me. Aside from turning training into date-time, this builds up his cardio and his endurance over weeks and months, and we've seen quite significant improvements using this technique. Since I can't see Trevor running, I use my ears to listen to the rhythm and cadence of his footfalls, and to listen to his breath to help him dial back or pick up the pace accordingly. And when we get to the hills, we have a little mantra, "deep breaths and baby steps".