I don’t talk a lot about the pain part of my life. I somehow got the idea at a very young age that people don’t like to hear about pain – that it upsets them – and that as a result you shouldn’t ever talk about it. I also – in general – think that it’s important to focus on the positives in life.

But here’s the thing. When we close off parts of our life – when we’re not honest about things like pain – then we miss out on the opportunity to form deep, meaningful, healing points of connection.

So today I thought I would take a risk, and share the poem I wrote about pain this morning …

Pain – A Poetic Observation

Puts the edges
On the outlines
Of my shape.

Highlighting my body
In throbbing aches;
Intensifying tightness;
A dramatic,
Monotonous, cacophony of

Wakes me,
Sapping strength before each
Day begins

Turns my
Limbs to lead
Before I even get
Out of bed, it
Holds me –
Inexorably –

Disturbs my sleep,
Interrupts my thoughts,
Confuses my words.

Rips holes
In the fabric of my
Emotional well-being,
Draining my capacity
Rendering me less, it
Slowly steals my

But pain:
Is not the end –
It is simply my
Every day beginning.

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