This was me, completely stuck in the slush yesterday.

It wasn’t “that much” so I thought I would be fine. Until I wasn’t.

I thought my power chair had enough oomph for the job. Until it didn’t.

There was nobody with me, so I don’t have the option of showing you the “big picture”.

But isn’t that often the case?

We think that what we’re dealing with isn’t too much until we get completely stuck and it’s too late to back up.

We think we’ve got the power and the tools to get to where we’re trying to get to until we realise they’re woefully underpowered for the task at hand.

We don’t have a buddy with us, because we’ve accepted our “independence-first” mentality of doing life, so we miss out on the bigger picture of where we are and struggle to find our bearings or find our way through.

It doesn’t have to be this way:

~We don’t have to wait until we get stuck to admit we need help.

~We can add emotional and relational and practical tools to our toolkit that can increase the power and strength and grip we have in our lives.

~We aren’t “less” if we start to rely on community to get us through.

There’s a better, easier way to go through life than driving through a slush-covered sidewalk in an underpowered wheelchair by yourself.

Do you need to reach out to someone for some support today? Do you need to add more power – more coping skills – to your emotional and mental toolkit? Do you need to build deeper, more substantial community? Send me a message – I’m always happy to chat!

(PS: as an aside, please, please, please shovel your sidewalks!!!)

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