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To A New Special Needs Parent As My Eldest Leaves For University

Welcome to a fantastic journey - one you never asked for, signed up for or (probably) trained for. As much as it feels that your world has come crashing down around you, or that you can't possibly handle this, the truth is more complicated than that. The truth is that there will be high's and lo's to this journey that you may only be able to appreciate down the road. The truth is also that you already have the one key ingredient for success: you love your child.

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Disability, Parenting

Autism, Cat-munication and Joining

There is a lot of conversation right now in Ontario about autism and about autism therapy. IBI and ABA have pride of place in the autism therapy world, and I know many parents and families who have seen remarkable results. That option needs to remain open for parents and families, and needs to be funded to… Continue reading Autism, Cat-munication and Joining


Raising An Adult By 18 – Flexibility Is Key

While I have seen charts saying children should reach this skill by such-and-such an age, or showing what chores kids should do in what grades, I think it's incredibly important to realize that each of our children are unique, and each will develop in slightly different ways and slightly different speeds. This is particularly true for children who have neurodevelopmental issues such as autism, physical disabilities such as club foot or those who were born prematurely. Because of this, my recommendation is to create a list of skills that you want your child to develop along each of these axes - heart, soul, mind and body - and for each of the values that you want your child to learn.

Coaching, Disability, Parenting


We might never admit it to anyone else, but we sometimes like to believe that we live in a twisted Otherworld. This Otherworld (also known as 'Solipsism') is often seen as an issue just for people who are on the Autistic Spectrum, but the more I talk to people the more I think it's there for most of us unless we have consciously made a different choice. In this Otherworld, the world revolves around me: people exist to make me happy and their negative responses are deliberate and malicious attacks against me. And while most people don't take it all the way to it's logical conclusions, it does seem to show up more often than would be strictly speaking helpful.

My Story

Atyipcal Autism

I want to spent this week talking a little bit about our autism journey. It wasn't until the spring of 2013 that we my youngest was flagged for autism. It really should have happened years earlier - by that point she was nine, her older sibling was 12 and her dad was 36. Why does it matter what ages the other two were? Because within two years, we had come to realize that both of them were also on the spectrum.