Natural Light

The front of the house is beginning to take shape! This includes a LOT of natural light in the front bedrooms – especially when you remember that these are south facing! And that was no mistake. One of our guiding design constraints was to maximize the amount of natural light and ventilation we brought intoContinue reading “Natural Light”

Under the Surface

Work continues on the #accessiblehouse although you wouldn’t know it from above! All of the work the past two weeks has been underground, but when I sent someone down to take pictures it turned out that @communitybuildersbarrie has been very busy! As impatient as we are to get into this new house, we are working hard toContinue reading “Under the Surface”

Accessibility and Universal Design

I talk a lot about the value of building Universally Designed homes and communities from the beginning. That’s because the cost of modifications to our existing, inaccessible buildings is incredibly high! But until we change the world, we still have to shift from inaccessible to accessible, and the idea I think in most people’s heads is thatContinue reading “Accessibility and Universal Design”


It’s a cold and snowy morning but our footings for our foundation went in this morning. I always knew how important foundations were, but I hadn’t ever realised the level of work that has to go in BEFORE the foundation. These footings have been in the works for a couple of weeks now. The barsContinue reading “Foundations”