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Unmasking with the Values Based Integration Process


  • “Not Lying” vs. “Telling the Truth”

    “Not Lying” vs. “Telling the Truth”

    Learning to tell the truth means getting honest about our emotions and about our motivations. Learning to tell the truth means getting honest about our pain and our limitations, about our hopes and our dreams. Learning to tell the truth means learning how to tell those things to other people, yes, but possibly more important… Continue reading

  • When Disintegration Is A Good Thing

    When Disintegration Is A Good Thing

    I grew up in a world that liked it’s boxes. It liked being able to slot people and activities and music and styles of dress and relationships and beliefs neatly into categories that they then used to judge those very beliefs and relationships and styles of dress and music and activities and people. The world I… Continue reading

  • Honesty – Part 3

    Honesty – Part 3

    None of us can possibly be completely honest about our stories. We will always have gaps in our understanding and information that is missing or incomplete because of our perspective. I am not suggesting here that we have to get every single fact correct and tell every single detail of our stories. I don’t think that’s necessary. But… Continue reading

  • Honesty – Part 2

    Honesty – Part 2

    On Monday I talked about honesty – in telling the truth, and in not failing to tell the truth. I talked about honesty that was based on love, not fear. About whether our honesty is about connecting more deeply or about the avoidance of punishment and pain. But today I want to go deeper. Because… Continue reading

About the program

In 2017 I was newly self-diagnosed with atypical autism, struggling with burnout, and striking out when it came to therapists who could address the issues I was facing. At the same time, I was building skills around life coaching, shame reduction, and trauma-informed therapy for work. Gradually I realized that what I needed – an embodied, autonomous, agency-driven coaching approach to unmasking – was not something I was going to find “out there”, but something I was going to need to create if I wanted to recover my life. This was the moment the Values Based Integration Process was born.

Having developed the program for myself – and having seen the incredible results it brought in my own life – I began to use it with coaching clients. The results were out of this world!

After conversations with Dr. Devon Price, the technique was featured in his book Unmasking Autism. With it, came interest in the technique and the decision was made to begin training coaches and therapists to help make this toolkit more readily available.