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Autism, Cat-munication and Joining

There is a lot of conversation right now in Ontario about autism and about autism therapy. IBI and ABA have pride of place in the autism therapy world, and I know many parents and families who have seen remarkable results. That option needs to remain open for parents and families, and needs to be funded to… Continue reading Autism, Cat-munication and Joining

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“Not Lying” vs. “Telling the Truth”

Learning to tell the truth means getting honest about our emotions and about our motivations. Learning to tell the truth means getting honest about our pain and our limitations, about our hopes and our dreams. Learning to tell the truth means learning how to tell those things to other people, yes, but possibly more important than anything else, it means learning how to tell these truths to ourselves.

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Raising An Adult By 18 – Attachment At Every Stage: Giving Words

We've already talked about affirmation, support and bids. Today we want to look at the power of giving words as another step in helping our child feel known. Our kids are busy learning on every axes of life - social, emotional, physical and mental - and that means that often things are going to happen that they simply don't understand themselves.