I Always Wished …

Disability is a tricky thing. No one would say that there was a hierarchy - we would say that everyone was equally valuable. But the truth of the matter is that some conditions are sexy - they get money and press and attention and extra resources and walks and big, multi-million-dollar foundations. And other conditions are rare. Other conditions are quiet. Other conditions get passed over and missed out.

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Living a Yin Life in a Yang World

There is this concept in eastern religions of yin and yang. It's this idea of finding balance between two opposites: things like dark/light; work/rest; tense/release; hard/easy; do/be. And just like we understand that we need muscle pairs to, for example, lift our arm up and then bring our arm back down, these eastern knowledge traditions understand that there can be no dark without a light; no work without rest; no tension without release; no hard without easy; no doing if there is no space to simply be.


Honesty – Part 2

On Monday I talked about honesty - in telling the truth, and in not failing to tell the truth. I talked about honesty that was based on love, not fear. About whether our honesty is about connecting more deeply or about the avoidance of punishment and pain. But today I want to go deeper. Because I know that for me - and for many, many others - there are multiple layers of truth that we simply do not acknowledge. Truth that we completely fail to realize exists.